1–5 July 2024

Welcome to Sweden’s only international competition in badminton during the summer. Gotlandsspelen (Gotland Badminton Tournament) will now be held for the 37th year. Gotlandsspelen is always scheduled week 28 this year scheduled week 27 (1-5 of July 2024) which means you will be visiting Visby during the nicest time of year. Experience and enjoy countless possibilities of recreation including the sun, beaches, the sea and culture. Gotland is well known as one of Sweden’s best entertainment attractions. A wide span of players, from professionals to amateurs, youth and veterans, all competed in the tournament. We hope the interest for the competition will be at least as high this year.

Even this year Gotlandsspelen will be held in Visby Racketcenter. One of Sweden’s most beautifully located gymnasiums with a breathtaking view of Baltic Sea. The arena is centrally located north of Visby old town. If you care to go for a swim nearby, Norderstrand or Gustafsvik, is within walking distance. Nearby the Racketcenter there are jogging trails in very nice surroundings.

Take your family and friends along and enjoy a wonderful summer week on Gotland.

VENUE Visby Racketcenter, telephone no. +46 498 21 91 05.

DATE July 1-5 2024. Matches will be played 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. daily.

REGISTRATION To Visby BMK, Visby Racketcenter, SE-621 55 Visby.
E-mail: gotlandsspelen@visbybadminton.se.
Registrations last date: June 13.

Registration fee:
Yonex shuttlecocks included.

U9: 150 SEK
U11: 170 SEK
U13: 200 SEK
U15: 230 SEK
U17: 250 SEK
U19: 290 SEK
+35 – +65: 340 SEK (if cup in singles 260 SEK)
D (Trim): 300 SEK
C: 340 SEK (if cup in singles 260 SEK)
B: 340 SEK (If cup in singles 260 SEK)
A: 340 SEK (if cup in singles 260 SEK)
Elite: 460 SEK (U19/Elite belong to Elite)

BANK Swedbank
IBAN SE40 8000 0848 0692 4089 0625

Reference: Write all names of those who are included in the payment. NOTICE! Registration fee is to be paid before start of games.

CATEGORIES AND DISCIPLINES Elite, A, B, C, D (Trim). +35, +40, +45, +50, +55, +60 and +65. U22, U17, U15, U13, U11 and U9. Ladies and Gentlemen. Singles, doubles and mixed doubles in all categories. Singles: pool system (if time will allow +2-pool). Doubles: Knock-out system.

Note 1: A maximum of 5 disciplines per player.
Note 2: The competition belongs to the season of 2024/25.

COACHING In categories U9, U11, U13 and U15 coaching is permitted only during the breaks between sets. One exception is the U15 categories where coaching is also allowed during breaks at 11.

PRIZES Winners and runners-up will be awarded prizes. A trophy will be awarded best club.

GAME PROGRAM Directly after the draw, the program will be put out on Badminton Sweden.

OTHER ACTIVITIES There will be a traditional barbeque night outside the venue. A free guided city tour is also planned.

TRAVEL RESERVATIONS AND LODGING Please contact our travel agency, Destination Gotland.
Phone: +46 (0) 771-22 33 50
E-mail: idrottsresor@destinationgotland.se
Mentioned that you’re participating in Gotlandsspelen for a discount.

ONLINE ww.gotlandsspelen.se and www.facebook.com/gotlandsspelen

Tournament Manager: Visby Badminton Club
Phone: +46 76-105 54 30
E-mail: gotlandsspelen@visbybadminton.se

DOWNLOAD INVITATION Gotlandsspelen 2024 (PDF)

Discover a different island

Gotland – A special place. In the middle of the Baltic Sea. Just a short trip from the Swedish mainland, but more exotic than you’d think. Thanks to the unique landscape, the excellent sandy beaches and the constant presence of the sea. As well as the exquisite light and the many hours of sunlight on the island. And there’s more – the rich cultural heritage and history of the island are visible and felt everywhere you go. The entertainment scene and the outdoor cafés contribute to a continental feel.

Most people associate Gotland with holidays, sun and water fun. We have fabulous waterfronts, and Gotland always comes near the top in Sweden for hours of sunshine in summer. The island has a lot more than that to offer, but it’s undeniable that the seashore and water are key elements of many a summer holiday. And no one need be disappointed – everyone can find a favourite spot somewhere along the 800 km of Gotland’s shoreline.

Bring family and friends

As a participant in an Island of sports-event you travel at favourable sporting rates, and so does your family and friends. In order to book travel and accomodation: Phone: +46 (0)771-22 33 50. E-mail: idrottsresor@destinationgotland.se Website: www.destinationgotland.se/idrottenso

When you are travelling to Gotland without being a participant in a sport event you can plan and book your travel, accomodation and package tours directly at www.destinationgotland.se